What are your rates?

Our rates vary depending on the individual care plan. Please call us for a free, no obligation assessment and more information on how we can meet your needs.

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Who pays the CAREgiver, you or me?

Your CAREgiver is employed, insured and bonded through Annapolis Valley At Home Senior Care. That means our office manages all the administrative, payroll and billing tasks associated with your CAREgiver.

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How soon can I start services?

Our goal is to provide you with help as soon as possible, especially in an emergency. An in-home assessment, a care plan and a personal introduction to your CAREgiver are important for your comfort and safety.

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How do you screen your CAREgivers?

Our highly skilled, reliable CAREgivers are chosen through an in-depth, one-on-one interview process. Each applicant must pass an RCMP Criminal Record Check as well as personal and professional reference checks prior to joining the Annapolis Valley At Home Senior Care team.

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What kind of services do you provide?

We offer housekeeping, personal care, respite services, errand running, incidental transportation and companionship. Personalized care plans are designed to bring maximum comfort and peace of mind to both our clients and their families.

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