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About Us

  • I like that I am helping to make a difference in the lives of clients in our community. Annapolis Valley Home Care is a very good place to work. Dana, our Managing Director is passionate about the company which makes what I do easier. Working for a company where they care about their works is a blessing and makes it so that it doesn’t feel like work.
    Dominique Long, CAREgiver, September 2013
  • I have been truly fortunate enough to experience aspects of every position at Annapolis Valley Home Care Ltd. Hired as the Human Resources/Office Manager in April 2013 I have been involved in the ongoing changes and growth being experienced by this company over the past several years. Passion and a true love of what we do has allowed us to successfully overcome any challenges that we have been confronted with. Dana is a truly inspiration person whose passion for quality care from the heart is felt throughout the company. The achievement of accreditation in 2015 marks a new chapter in the story behind Annapolis Valley Home Care. I am truly excited to continue this journey with the remarkable people who make every day of their lives about helping others.
    VickiLynn DeBruin, Business Development Manager, April 2013
  • I really enjoy my job so it doesn’t feel like work. What I do gives me purpose and meaning. I really enjoy working for Annapolis Valley Home Care, they are great people to work for. I feel very comfortable here.
    Annette Dempsey, CAREgiver, September 2015
  • I love the direct contact that I have with clients, getting to know them and hearing how much they appreciate being in their homes. I enjoy working with Annapolis Valley Home Care, they are very client focused.
    Sherrie MacKay, CAREgiver, September 2015
  • I enjoy that I get to work with people with disabilities. Annapolis Valley Home Care is a good company to work for. They are fair to their employees.
    Monique Fraser, CAREgiver, October 2015
  • I started working with Annapolis Valley Home Care Ltd in February of 2016. I am the first point of contact for both our CAREgivers and clients. I love the fact that I am part of a service that makes such a difference in people’s lives. The service we offer is amazing and my co-workers are fantastic. I feel truly blessed to be part of such a great team. I love working here!
    Keleigh Woodcock, Executive Assistant, February 2016
  • I have been with for Annapolis Valley Home Care for the past one and a half years. My favourite part of my job is caring for people, meeting them and getting to know who they are. Annapolis Valley Home Care is a good place to work. It is vital and necessary because without us a lot of people would struggle more and maybe not able to stay in their own homes.
    Elizabeth Morris, CAREgiver, August 2014
  • My position allows me the opportunity to work with the CAREgiver to provide the best care we can, for the clients we serve. It also provides me the opportunity to meet new people and go home every night knowing that I help someone who needed it. I believe that AVHC is a good place to work. I feel that we have a really good team, both in CAREgivers and office staff. I strongly believe that everyone that works for the company has a strong interest in what they do.Dustin Enslow, Human Resources/Office Manager, April 2015